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First Judicial Circuit     Fifth APPALLING  District
  Alexander, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Union, and Williamson Counties
The Cairo Illinois Court House
Circuit Judges of the First Judicial Circuit
Brad K. Bleyer
Mark M. Boie
Mark H. Clarke
Ronald R. Eckiss
W. Charles Grace
Joseph Jay Jackson
Todd D. Lambert
Joseph M. Leberman
James R. Moor
Walden E. Morris
Phillip G. Palmer, Sr.
William G. Schwartz
William J. Thurston
James R. Williamson

Mound City

Charles C. Cavaness (a)
Kimberly L. Dahlen (a)
E. D. Kimmel (a)
Christy W. Solverson (a)
John A. Speroni (a)
William H. Wilson (a)

(a) = Associate Judge

Your laws and verdicts come from these claimants who refuse
to show any evidence in writing of being liable for their claims,
and they exempt prosecutors from being liable for claims made in lawbooks

Not ALL of our laws are really "laws",   some of them are misleading, deceptive LIES.

The court operates ASS BACKWARDS, and can't even obey their own law.
Since it's against the law to defraud the public,..
" How do you prove anyone broke a law,..
If ya can't prove it's a law in the first place
.. instead of a big fat LIE ? "

"NOBODY owes the State any ASSUMPTIONS that their claims are truthful,
  without PROOF..  "WHO'S LIABLE if it AIN'T a law" !


$   If it's a law,   ...anyone can win !   $

This courthouse web page was originally created
April 25,2000 to the surprise of the court by Thomas Boettcher
How this web-site originally started
A Cairo Illinois lawyer, was hired to facilitate
using the "law" against the court by licensing
a copyrighted DUI hearing tape to GOD.
This lawyer lied out of his teeth about
representing his clients defense, but
he didn't expect me to surprize the
court with a web-site that makes them
look stupid.     Read more at.. "About"

One of the Cairo liars office
  Public Domain Knowledge:   .. that Alexander County State's Attorney Jeffrey Ferris probably doesn't want you all to know..

Get a Judgement WITHOUT the lawyer PERSUASION   or the jury ASSUMPTIONS,
.. with a Public Domain notorized AFFIDAVIT Contest !

Since your INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY,..
DO NOT pay a lawyer a dime to try to prove your not guilty of drunk driving or a traffic violation,..
Instead of doing that,   DO THIS...
PRINT out INVITATIONS and PASS them around to everyone in the court and in the county,..
INVITE the cop, the prosecutor, lawyers, judge and any JURY (and everybody else in the county)
WIN the PRIZE MONEY **, being the first to produce PUBLIC evidence proving
"Who's LIABLE for FRAUD if the DUI (or other) accusation is fraudulent ?"

If the (original accuser) COP can't WIN, ..then NOBODY else in the court can either.
WHERE in the world can a judge find a jury that wants to be LIABLE for the cop's LIES ?? ..good luck !
* You are innocent until the court proves you are guilty *
This METHOD accomplishes the SAME thing the court says they do, ..but WITHOUT any way for the court to defraud.
..and it doesn't cost the defendant a dime !
    After giving the cop, lawyers, judge and jury plenty of time to win the prize money,
    The defendant can put that prize money right back where it belongs, .. back in his wallet,
    and the judge can put that cop's retarded accusation right where it belongs,...right up his butt.

** PRIZE MONEY is coincidentally the same thing that the judge calls... a "FINE".
 If you don't see it in WRITING, DON'T PULL OUT THE EARPLUGS !!

Court House Address:
Circuit Court, First Judicial Circuit
2000 Washington
Cairo, Illinois   62914-0000

County Clerk:
Nancy Kline

Hrs: 8:00 A.M. to 12 noon & 1:00 to 4:00 P.M.

Come on in,..
Watch all the lawyers and judges
AVOID being liable in writing for
their claims, laws and verdicts.
Cairo Illinois 2005 Population: 8,927           Cairo Mayor: ?
"Cairo Illinois has a proud history of illegal gambling, riots, mobsters, corruption and voter fraud"
Your ALREADY HERE at   banner
    "Traffic ticket fines are the cash cow of the court system. No other class of "crime"
      is as profitable for state and local governments as is that of traffic tickets"    - National Motorist Association

When a State Governor claims to "sign a bill into law" and has a problem
creating, brandishing, transacting and distributing written evidence that he
is LIABLE if that law is fraudulent in any way,...
Everyone that repeats the claim has the SAME PROBLEM.

"Only LIARS have a problem being LIABLE for their claims,
  ... even if you call it a law."

Join hundreds of people who are FED UP with government and judicial fraud, deceit and lies.
"Everyone's Plan B"   Tea Party group

This video introduces the new copyrighted** concept of a "Public Domain Affidavit & Instrument of Proof" for EVERYONE
to download, pass around, and see if any officials, lawyers or cops want to sign it, prove the crap they say is really true!

** Note: The Copyright Office understands and knows it is NOT public domain..   until someone SIGNS IT.
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